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Columbia Grange School

Little Steps, Big Aspirations For All

Spring 1

Welcome back to our Spring 1 half term.

Our topic is 'Will it be a happy ever after?'  

We are looking at some traditional fairy stories.

Let's find out about the good and evil characters and the emotions of the characters

Let's think about characters in trouble and who saves them in the stories.

We will be looking at real and pretend and things that make the characters nice and not so nice!

Week 1 - Jack and the Beanstalk

Well we found out that the giant was a bit scary in this story - especially when he shouted at poor Jack.

The children really enjoyed joining in with his rhyme "fee-fi-fo-fum I smell the blood of children yum yum"!!

We made a fantastic role play castle in our classroom, painting leaves to make a beanstalk up the side of it, inside we have lots of dressing up clothes to try on. 

We planted our own beans and sequenced pictures to show how we did it - lets hope they grow!

We had a fantastic visit to Durham cathedral to see and feel the enormity of where a giant might live - we were a little scared in case the giant came out - but we think he must have been asleep as we didn't see him - phew!!!!

We also started our sensory dance and wiggle and scribble sessions.

Week 2 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This week we found out the evil stepmother was the unkind character in the story, fortunately the seven dwarfs were nice to Snow White. 

We looked at the different emotions of the characters especially the Dwarfs, we made our own magic mirrors to look into so we could practice our facial expressions to share the emotions. 

We drew pictures of the story and came up with our own sentences, we also thought about the pictures in the books and used colourful semantics to think about ordering our sentences and understand 'who', 'what', 'what doing' and 'where'. 

such as ...

The Dwarfs were digging for gold and diamonds in the cave.

We counted the diamonds and gold coins we dug for in the sand and added them together to make a simple addition, we also sorted shiny and dull treasures we found. 

Week 3 - The little Mermaid

We have been under the sea this week, we had a lovely walk along the beach finding Ariel the mermaids treasure and looking for her in the caves. 

We had magnetic ice to investigate, fished for treasures of the sea and sand to count and add.  

We made some fantastic sparkly fish tails and did some messy under the sea painting.  We did bubble blowing paintings and drew some great illustrations from the story, composing sentences about what we had drawn. 

We continued with our Yoga, sensory dance and wiggle and scribble sessions to keep us active.  

Week 4 - Beauty and The Beast

We have been reading the story of Beauty and the Beast and have really enjoyed watching the Disney movie. We found that Belle loved stories just like us!

We made some lovely red rose pictures using celery and red paint, we have had fun playing with the castle and the characters in fake snow and squirty soap.

We have been looking at the time this week - changing the time on the digital and analogue clocks. 

We went to look at Lumley castle to see if we could see the Beast or Belle, but we only found the clock, so we went to the park for a play.   

It was another happy ever after in the story, but we did see how the Beast changed from mean to kind. And had a lovely dance to the song in the movie finding a friend to dance with. 

Week 5 - Cinderella and The Elves and the Shoe Maker

This week was another 'happy ever after' story. 

Poor Cinderella was very sad that she couldn't go to the ball, but her very kind Fairy Godmother made her happy by sprinkling a bit of magic and helping her to get to the ball. 

We were the Elves from the story 'The Elves and the shoe maker' we worked hard to help Cinderella get to the ball by making her some paper slippers.

We then tried different materials on our feet and stood in some water to see which materials kept our feet dry and which ones let our feet get wet. 

We followed instructions to paint and glitter Cinderella's slipper and had great fun painting out arms to look like Cinderella's long gloves.

We drew pictures, composed sentences, continued to look at the time and clocks from last week and counted pairs of shoes, we even learned how to count in two's up to 20!

It was also Chinese New Year - we made sausage noodles.