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Columbia Grange School

Little Steps, Big Aspirations For All

Class 1 Autumn 2

Week 7

This week we had a party in the big hall with some friends from Class 4.  We danced and played pass the parcel.  We ate our party food from Sharon it was delicious.  On our educational visit we went to Fenwick's window.  We made some gingerbread men biscuits in our cookery session.

Week 6

This week we talked about people who love and care about us.  We then looked at our family photos and stuck them on a card heart template to make a display for our class. We took some photos of us all as angels for our outside display 'Angels in the snow'  We participated in Santa Dash running and walking to complete the 50 meters.  We decorated our salty dough gingerbread men.

Merry Christmas

Week 5

This week we continued learning about the Gingerbread Man story.  In cookery we made salt dough gingerbread men which we will decorate next week.  We did really well sharing equipment and taking turns to use them. We have decorated our class everyone help to make our class look really Christmassy.  We started making Christmas cards and other art and craft items to take home for Christmas.  We had our Christmas dinner wearing our Gingerbread man hats and place mats that we decorated last week.

Week 4

This week in Literacy we have been listening to the Gingerbread man story.  In Maths we have been counting gingerbread men.  In Expressive Arts we decorated our gingerbread men to display them on our class board.  We took part in attention everyone sessions in Stage 3 we decorated a shaving foam gingerbread man and we wore masks to pretend to chase the gingerbread man like the different characters in the story.  We have started to make Christmas arts and crafts for the last few weeks. 

Week 3

This week we continued learning about the 3 Little Pigs story.  In our cookery session we made the pigs' houses using shredded wheat cereal, twiglets and chocolate.  We also pretended to blow them down like the wolf in the story.    In expressive art session we decorated the 3 little pigs' houses using straw, lolly sticks and red paper.  We have been repeating the familiar phrases from the story while playing in our tuff spot.  We manipulated and explored porridge oats in our sensory tuff spot.  We took part in attention everyone session linked to ANTI BULLYING WEEK.  We learned what makes our friends feel happy or sad.  We made a Class 1 hand print heart and we stuck our faces on some chain people to show acceptance of being part of Class 1 and the friendship we have.  On Monday we celebrated Karley's birthday by playing pass the parcel and eating chocolate cake. 

Pudsey Bear Day and Birthday party for Dillon and Nathan

Week 2

This week we have been learning about the 3 Little Pigs.  We took part in an attention everyone session interlinking to our story of the week.  We played with the props and used some of the repetitive phrases from the story.  In expressive arts we made a pig picture using pink paint, wiggly eyes and pink card.  We remembered those brave soldiers fighting in the war by taking part in an attention everyone session and listening to the song 'Last Post'.  We have started to talk about our feelings and share with staff and friends how we are feeling.  We celebrated Blake, Dillon and Nathan's birthday.

Week 1

This week we have learned about FIREWORKS.  We looked at different fireworks on the whiteboard.  We also activated the fireworks by pressing the mouse with adult support.  We drew the Katherine Wheel firework using circular motions on our whiteboard.  In cookery session we made marshmallows fireworks by snapping and melting the chocolate.  We then decorated them with 100's and 1000's they were yummy. We took part in attention everyone interlinked to our themed.  In stage 2 we looked at Marisol making fireworks pictures using toilet roll tubes we then made our own with less adult support.  In stage 3 some of us pretended to be fireworks and jumped off the stool making bang, pop, whoosh noises.  In PE session we took part in Mindfulness and relaxation with Carmela.  In our educational visit we went to Whitburn park.  On the 5th of November we toasted some marshmallows with Jayne.  We also lit some sparkles with adult supervision.   For outdoor learning we sang our hello song outside and we then threw fireworks water balloons.  We loved it.  We celebrated Evan's birthday with some birthday cake.  We have had a very busy 1st week back.