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Columbia Grange School

Little Steps, Big Aspirations For All

Summer 1

This term we are going to be looking at People Who help us, Police, Dentist, Postpeople, Doctors, firefighters. 


Below is the planning for Summer 1 and the Phonics sounds we will be looking at.


This term Mint Class will also be going swimming, brushing our teeth, getting a visit from the Fireman and Dentist and the Police. We have also got planned a visit to the local shop. We will continue to develop our communication and get very messy and have fun.  We cant wait to show you all the things that we get up to.   


Monty the Monkey will also continue to go home with Mint Class pupils,  I wonder what adventures he will get up to.  


Week beginning - 15-19 April 

This week we have been very busy we have learnt about Australia,  We have decorated a map of Australia made the Australian flag, we used our fingers to paint a Koala picture.  In attention everyone, all the pupils enjoyed the shaving foam and splatting it with the fly splatter, We have also practiced using our fine motor skills, and playing games with our friends. 

In Cookery We have have made Australian fairy bread (bread with butter and sprinkles on) and Koala biscuits, the children were very brave and even tasted the fairy bread. 

In Pe we got the big climbing frame out and used our muscles to reach, stretch, and pull ourselves up on the ropes, poles, and climb very high up the frame.  

We went swimming for the very first time this year,  We are so proud of the pupils in Mint class they all took to the water like water babies, 

On Friday we got very messy, we used flour, oil, to see what would happen and yep you guessed it,  We got messy, some of us enjoyed using the flour to cover our faces, some of us mixed the mixture up to make a dough, we even had time to squeeze in making fairy cakes which were decorate with lots of marshmallows.  

What a busy week!!!! 


This week Sophia took Monty the Monkey home,  I wonder what he has got up to.



20/21 April 

On Saturday Sophia and Monty went to the Trampoline class, Monty shared Sophias tablet, then they played on the slide in the garden then a ride in the push chair, Monty must have been very tired as he fell asleep in Sophias bed.

Thank you Sophia for sharing your adventures with Monty 

Police Week 22- 26 April


This week we have been learning all about the police, we have made a police car, made our very own wanted poster enjoyed the very high climbing frame in Pe and have practiced getting dressed for Pe and we have also started brushing our teeth with the brush bus song, in our sensory story we have tried a police outfit on.

All the pupils in Mint class have loved swimming, we have all tried to get dressed independently.

 We are differently all fish.

This weekend Alina got the chance to take Monty the Monkey home.

We look forward to seeing you pictures Alina.  



Swimming and Pe 

Stop Police 

Alina's weekend with Monty the Monkey 27/28 April 

This weekend Monty has been very busy enjoyed playing with the bubbles, enjoyed watching Alina's iPad, played some games and then enjoyed some tea.

Thank you for sharing your photos with us Alina. 

Doctors week 29 April - 3 May 

This Week in Mint class We have been looking at Doctors, explored fake blood, scar tattoos, and then put plasters over the (cuts) made X-ray pictures, drawn our own X-ray, wrapped teddy in bandages to make him feel better. Further more we have used the bandages to wrap our heads, and leg. This week in attention everyone Lou made a pumping heart (with a bottle, red paint and squirted it everywhere it was very messy.  

Mint Class even had time for cookery were we made fruit salad, enjoyed the Discovery Park, make daisy chains, Adventure play, and the ball pool.

Well Done Mint class a brilliant week  

This weekend with Monty was Liam. 4/5 May 

Monty had lots of fun and enjoyed celebrating Liams Birthday. 

 Postman/ Postlady week 6-10 May 

This week in Mint Class we have looked at the postman, we were very lucky to have the real uniform, a mail bag, a jacket, red T-shirt. We have join in attention everyone were we got to wrap parcels, deliver letters, put letters in to envelopes. 

In Cookery we made fruit salad and tasted oranges, bananas, apples, and strawberries, some of us didn't like like the fruit it was "YUK" 

We then were entertained by the music and fabric for our write dance.

The staff and children were very tired with all that dancing. 


This week Damian got to take Monty the Monkey home. 11/12 May

We cant wait to see what exciting things he got up to. 

13-17 May Dentist week

This week we have been very busy we have enjoyed PE, swimming, adventure playground,  celebrated Alina's birthday, made a smoothie in cookery,  looked at the dentist for our topic people who help us, we have made a tooth, dressed up as dentist, and explored and played with the dentist tools in our tuff stop area. We have also looked at good things for our teeth and bad things, we even had time to go in to the garden and look and match our symbols for a dentist. In our phonics session we have listen and matched the sounds to the pictures.


This week we have been looking at Fireman, we have made a fire in our craft and then made our selfs in to fireman, We have also used our fine motor skills, and cutting skills to make a fire engine, Went in to the garden to find our fireman symbols, enjoyed attention everyone, h been swimming for the last time, enjoyed Adventure play, and PE. In our fine motors skills we also built different structures using blocks 

We we every lucky to go into the splat zone to play with the water and put out the pretended fires.  Had a brilliant visit from the fire engine and fireman from Washington Fire Station, we got the opportunity to sat inside and squirt the hose and hear the loud siren.

Its been a very busy half term.

I wonder what exciting things will happen next time.

Have a safe Half Term and we look forward to Summer 2