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Columbia Grange School

Little Steps, Big Aspirations For All

Summer 1

Our topic this half term is Our World. We will be exploring the world around us, different climates, food, cultures, celebration and much more.

We will take part in weekly sensory stories exploring different parts of the world using props to fully engage in each story as well as enhancing our learning through sensory experiences in our continuous provision within our classroom and outdoor areas.

This will include exploring and tasting traditional food, looking at patterns, painting a range of different textures using different tools, exploring sensory bins filled with coloured rice and numerous sensory experiences.

We will take part in weekly sensology sessions using our senses to investigate items that relate to each country. As well as weekly cookery sessions, art, Tacpac, Attention everyone sessions, charanga and p.e.

We will spend time in the light and sounds room and hedgehog hideaway to engage in intensive interaction sessions.

We will go on weekly trips on the school bus to develop life skills such as crossing roads, accessing the community and experiencing new environments.



Medium Term Plan - Summer Term

Early Maths

  • Listen and attend to a range of number based songs and rhymes.
  • Take part in maths based continuous provision activities.
  • Matching object to picture, object to symbol, symbol to symbol etc. Including shape, number, patterns and colour.
  • Begin to explore early weight/measure throughout continuous provision and cookery.
  • Begin to explore small and large, tall and short and various other measurements through continuous provision.


  • Exchange symbols consistently across a range of different tasks/activities.
  • Begin to use communication boards to communicate needs and wants.
  • Listen and engage in sensology, sensory stories, tac pac, cookery, intensive interaction sessions, attention everyone etc. 
  • Respond to names and simple instructions in a range of environments.
  • Continue to respond to and initiate interactions with class staff and peers.
  • Respond to a range of familiar instructions verbally and through the use of visuals/pecs.


  • To access and explore the new ball pool and sensory room environment.
  • To access the outdoor areas to explore climbing, crawling, spinning and a range of different movements.
  • Develop life skills, e.g changing, shoes on, waterproofs on, putting coats on.
  • To take part in gross motor activities in P.E to develop muscle tone, balance and coordination. 
  • To explore a range or sensory materials linked to our topic - sensory story, continuous provision, food tasting etc. 

Knowledge & Understanding of the World:

  • To begin to recognise different colours.
  • To begin to understand different weathers through sensory input and how to dress appropriately for the weather.
  • To begin to recognise a range of objects linked to our world e.g different traditions, different food, patterns, weather/climate, landscapes.
  • Explore a range of multi sensory activities involving smell, touch, taste, audio and visual stimuli.
  • To show understanding of objects, materials and events, e.g. holding shaker close to ear, smelling a flower etc.
  • To explore new foods and textures linked to the topic.
  • To explore different textures such as hard, soft.

Summer Term - Pink Class  

Pre Formal

      Let's Explore… Our World

I will be learning ….

Creative Development

  • To paint a variety of items using different tools - e.g. sponges, paintbrushes, fingers.
  • To create various items using natural objects linked to the topic, e.g straw, sticks, leaves, 
  • To make a range of collages - sticking down a range of different materials.
  • To take part in weekly charanga music sessions - following routine, exploring instruments and moving our bodies to music
  • To begin to role play using a range of props, dress up, figures, puppets


  • Follow classroom rules and routines.
  • Continue to work on my independence and self help skills - toileting, getting changed for P.E, eating, looking after my own things etc.
  • Wash hands independently before and after cooking, snack time and dinner.
  • Practice mindfulness through breathing/accessing the sensory room/sensory breaks

Outdoor Learning

  • Putting on wellies, waterproofs and coats independently. 
  • Work on transitioning from inside to outside areas and vice versa independently.
  • Take part in treasure hunts on the Discovery Park - Looking for a range of items or pictures.
  • Access a range of activities on the adventure playground, slides, and climbing.
  • Take part in weekly visits on the school bus - put on my own seatbelt.


  • Encourage independence with self help skills at home linked to my own targets.


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