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Columbia Grange School

Little Steps, Big Aspirations For All

Summer 1


Let's build a rainbow



Footstep 2:-Pupil can reach for or look at objects as they are counted. 

Footstep 2:-Pupil will continue an action or interaction with an adult by repeating, 

Footstep 3:-Point at items in sequence along a number line-coordinating pointing with associated word sounds

Footstep 3:-Pupil will explore objects in increasingly complex way, using more than one action.

Children exploring patterns of colour, Children counting coloured objects, exploring colour through different areas of school sound and light/hedgehog hideaway. Adults initiate actions for children to repeat. Exploring various objects and counting through continuous provision. eg How many yellow?


(Reading)Footstep 2:-Pupil uses more purposeful vocalisations and non-verbal language including gesture and body language

(Reading)Footstep 2:-Pupil begins to vocalise deliberately as a means of interpersonal communication

(Reading)Footstep2:-Pupil experiments with voice sounds, e.g. pitch, volume, vowel sounds, nasal sounds, etc.

(Reading)Footstep 2:-Pupil releases object by intentionally opening hand to drop it.

Explore sensory stories:- (Week 1 and 2) Elmer and the rainbow (Week 3 and 4) Pink for me and the green storybook (Week 5 and 6) The rainbow fish.

Continuous provision linked to a fortnightly sensory story with opportunities for the children to explore. Children have a makaton sign of the week linked to the weekly colour theme. 

(Writing)Pupils use hand and finger movements to explore objects.

(Writing)Pupil throws objects intentionally and watches them fall to the ground.

(Writing)Pupil holds an object and uses it to explore surfaces using different movements.

Exploring the sensory stories,Attention everyone sessions linked to the stories, PE sessions involving objects from the story and gross motor movement then followed up in the classroom with fine motor movements. Opportunities for touch and feel throughout stories. (Continued from last half term as engagement levels have increased and the children are remaining focussed for longer periods so we will continue working on these targets for another term)

Step 3 K&U-Pupil carries out simple verbal instructions

Step 3 K& U-Pupil can name simple objects 

Cookery sessions following instructions verbally and using PEC’s and communication boards.

Week 1- Rainbow fairy cakes ( following instructions, mixing,sharing the mixture)

Week 2-Rainbow fairy cakes (following instructions,mixing,sharing the mixture,following a recipe with support)

Week 3-Rainbow cookies (following instructions,mixing,sharing the mixture,following a recipe with support,rolling)

Week 4-Rainbow cookies  (following instructions,mixing,sharing the mixture,following a recipe with support,rolling, timer watching)

Week 5- Exploring and tasting vegetables (chopping,smelling,tasting)

Week 6-Vegetable soup  exploring and tasting vegetables and then cooking them (chopping,smelling,tasting,cooking)


Pre formal

medium term plan


Rose Class

Summer 1

Topic Name

Let’s build a Rainbow

6 wks


Using makaton and visual aids to join in with sensory story-

Week 1-Elmer and the rainbow

Week 2-Elmer and the rainbow

Week 3- Pink for me

Week 4-The green storybook

Week 5-The rainbow fish

Week 6-The rainbow fish

Footstep 3:-Pupil may use a small number of functional signs.

Footstep 3:-Pupils begin to look towards people

To continue to use the communication boards during continuous provision.

Begin to use colourful semantics.

Use makaton and speech for  daily songs progressing on communication by encouraging the children to initiate themselves.

Indicating song choice(launchpad for literacy)

Responding to early interaction rhymes (launchpad for literacy)

Indicating wanting more during songs and rhymes and eventually indicating which ones. (Launchpad for literacy).

Continue with weekly charanga sessions.

Outdoor Learning

Finding objects linked to weekly coloour theme outdoors.

Using nature resources (leaves/plants/flowers) to make pictures.

Beginning to access the garden area to appropriately use tools and equipment.



Creative Development

Working with adults during intensive interaction sessions to sing song-row row row your boat,round and round the garden.

Slowly introduce working with a peer for intensive interaction sessions with an adult support.

(Continuation from last term)


PE-Sensory Dance

Educational Visits

Week 1-Hetton Lyons Park

Week 2-Hetton Lyons Park

Week 3- Sunderland Winter Gardens

Week 4-Sunderland Winter Gardens

Week 5- A pet shop (fish)

Week 6-A pet shop (fish)


Take part in art projects linked to our topic.

Use an ipod to take photos.


Take part in Charanga Unit 9 and 10

At Home

Listen to the sensory stories we are doing this term.

Explore food using senses.

Watch Mr Tumble colours and learn the sign for our weekly colour.

Enter text...

Elmer and the rainbow

Colour Focus - Red


This week we have focussed on the colour red. We have had the sensory story Elmer and the rainbow and enjoyed exploring the animals. In our continous provission this week we explored red rice, we used tin foil and made marks, we built with a tower.

We have enjoyed sorting different colours in maths focussing on things we find that are red.

We have continued with our sensory dance this half term.

We have made red hand prints to start our rainbow.

We have began doing matman on a Thursday to help with our fine motor skills and learn all about parts of the body.

In cookery we made rainbow cakes.



This week we visited Hetton Lyons Park and enjoyed finding all of the yellow equipment that was at the park. We had lots of fun in the hedgehog hideaway doing intensive interaction with our favourite adults. We started our Yellow sensology session this week and tasted lemons, had a smell of daffodils, touched the eggs and sand. It was lots of fun and we sat really well. We continued our charanga music session and we enjoyed taking it in turns to play the drum from unit 9. Next week we are going to explore unit 10-marching. We had fun in the hall for PE running round an obstacle course. We had attention everyone and made some lovely daffodils.

We finished the week with intensive interaction, relaxation and footspas.

See what yellow things you can find at home this weekend with your child. We would love to receive some pictures when you have found some!



This week we have enjoyed another visit to Hetton Lyons Park looking for the colour pink this week. We also enjoyed searching for the colour pink in the discovery park and the adventure playground.

We had fun with our pink sensology session and loved tasting and smelling and feeling the pink foods.

In music we started unit 10 and we had fun practising moving our body.

We enjoyed our Friday relaxation session with intensive interaction and foot spas.


This week our focus has been on the colour green. We enjoyed our sensology of smelling mint, tasting peapods and feeling grass.

In maths this week we sang the song 5 speckled frogs and watched them jump into the pool.

We perfected our fine motor skills with June in PE.

We have continued our sensory dance sessions.
In the hedgehog  hideaway this week we played chase.

In art we made some frog pictures.



This week our focus was on the colour purple. We enjoyed looking at aubergines, smelling lavender, eating plums, hearing Randall from Monsters inc, and looking at purple Lego.

We have used purple pipe cleaners to perfect our fine motor skills by poking them through kitchen tubes. We found lots of purple items hidden in our tuff spot.

We have made a purple hippo and a purple butterfly in art.

We have been chopping vegetables in cookery.

We have been enjoying more gross motor skills with June.

We would love to see if you can find something purple at the weekend.


Blue and Orange

We finished off our Let's build a rainbow topic this week whilst also braving the weather and having outdoor learning day which meant we took some of our lessons outside!

We have really enjoyed our topic especially our sensology sessions and our PE with June.