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Columbia Grange School

Little Steps, Big Aspirations For All

Spring 2


Let's Eat




Footstep 3:-Pupil can respond to options and choices with actions or gestures 

Footstep 3:-Pupil actively explores objects and events for more extended periods.

Footstep 3:- Pupil is able to judge the size of items and place them in containers/nesting boxes by indicating whether or not they fit.

Choice of foods, Finding foods related to the story, sorting foods by colour,size. Manipulating different foods in and out of containers,


(Reading)Footstep 2:-Pupil begins to imitate actions and sounds.

(Reading)Footstep 2:-Pupil may grasp an object and then let go non intentionally.

(Reading)Footstep2:-Pupil will reach for and explore a sensory text object.

(Reading)Footstep 2:-Pupil may use a raking or spreading action with paint.

Explore sensory story:-The Hungry Caterpillar (2 weeks) Don't stick your finger in the Jelly Nelly (2 Weeks) and Easter (1 Week).

Continuous provision linked to a fortnightly sensory story with opportunities for the children to explore.

(Writing)Pupils use hand and finger movements to explore objects.

(Writing)Pupil throws objects intentionally and watches them fall to the ground.

(Writing)Pupil holds an object and uses it to explore surfaces using different movements.

Exploring the sensory stories,Attention everyone sessions linked to the stories, PE sessions involving objects from the story and gross motor movement then followed up in the classroom with fine motor movements. Opportunities for touch and feel throughout stories.

Step 3 K&U-Pupil carries out simple verbal instructions

Cookery sessions following instructions verbally and using PEC’s and communication boards.

Week 1- Hungry Caterpillar-made with fruit (Skill cutting/chopping/peeling)

Week 2-Hungry Caterpillar-made with veg (Skill cutting/chopping/peeling)

Week 3- Jelly (Chopping/Support for using kettle/Support using fridge)

Week 4-Food sensory tasting session with items from the story. Have symbols for children to indicate likes/dislikes

Week 5- Rice crispy/shredded wheat baskets decorated with mini easter eggs.


Pre formal

medium term plan


Rose Class

Spring 2

Topic Name

Let’s Eat

5 wks


Using makaton and visual aids to join in with sensory story-

Week 1-The Hungry Caterpillar

Week 2-The Hungry Caterpillar

Week 3- Don’t stick your finger in the Jelly Nelly

Week 4-Don’t stick your finger in the Jelly Nelly

Week 5-Easter Focus

Footstep 3-Pupil reacts to new experiences and activities

Footstep 3:-Pupil actively explores and participates.

Footstep 3:-Pupil may use a small number of functional signs.

To continue to use the communication boards during continuous provision.

Begin to use colourful semantics.

Use makaton and speech for  daily songs progressing on communication by encouraging the children to initiate themselves.

Indicating song choice(launchpad for literacy)

Responding to early interaction rhymes (launchpad for literacy)

Indicating wanting more during songs and rhymes and eventually indicating which ones. (Launchpad for literacy).

Continue with weekly charanga sessions.

Outdoor Learning

Singing outdoors and listening for sounds.

Using outdoor resources to make music eg conker to bang on the fence like a drum



Creative Development

Working with adults during intensive interaction sessions to sing song-row row row your boat,round and round the garden.

Slowly introduce working with a peer for intensive interaction sessions with an adult support.

(Continuation from last term)


(Dressing and Undressing)

PE-Sensory Dance

Educational Visits



Take part in art projects linked to our topic.

Use an ipod to take photos.


Take part in Charanga Unit 7 and 8

At Home

Listen to the sensory stories we are doing this term.

Explore food using senses.

Watch Mr Tumbles Nursery rhymes for signs that we will be learning each week


Week 1- The Very Hungry Caterpillar


This week we have started our new topic and we have loved our sensory story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have been using the symbol "smell" and "taste" to explore different fruits from the story.

We have been recognising different colours in our maths lessons.

In the ballpool this week we have been practising our gross motor skills.

We also started our new PE-swimming-WOW so much fun!


Week 2- The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Don't put your finger in the jelly nelly

We have really enjoyed using our senses to "taste" and "smell" different foods from the story. In continous provission we have explored sticking our finger in jelly, Used our fine motor skills to put spagetti in the collander. We had pictures from the story and made jigsaws remembering the pictures we had seen. We found pictures hidden in the rice. 

We have made different animals from the story in our creative art sessions and enjoyed expanding on our gross motor skill development.

In write dance this week most of us have moved on to a cross move.

In charanga we have started unit 8.

We are doing really well in our swimming sessions.